Eurodrug selects Sensor2web as temperature monitoring solution in its pharmaceutical warehouse.

Wed. 27 June 2012

beats any insurance alternative with ease


EurodrugStoring and transporting pharmaceutical products in Ireland is subject to very high demands of the IMB. Sensor2Web offers Eurodrug a very efficient way of meeting these demands by automating different processes such as temperature monitoring.

No news, good news.

Processing of measured data is not always meaningful. And if executed manually it is even cumbersome and time-consuming.

Sensor2Web can automate this process via its web-based approach! Only in case of deviations you will be informed. By doing so, you can focus on other and more relevant tasks. Periodically analysis is no longer needed by using the reporting functions of the web portal.

It’s never too late.

Although the traditional methods (thermometers, loggers) are in accordance with legislation, consequences are often severe when flagrant deviation of temperature has taken place. Replacement of the stock has not only a financial impact, but requires also an increased use of resources to get everything back on track.

Avoiding these costly situations is essential. Sensor2Web offers via its real-time monitoring concept the appropriate solution. Users are much quicker aware of deviations and therefore able to reduce the consequences to a minimum. Often even without extra financial implications.

 “It's advantages became 100% clear the moment the solution was introduced to us. This system beats any insurance alternative with ease." - Mark Guildea (Eurodrug)


About Rmoni Wireless

Rmoni Wireless develops and manufactures hardware and software for wireless registration and monitoring of critical control parameters. The company has chosen a sector-driven approach, using its knowledge of customer needs and sector-related regulations to offer clear-cut solutions for everyday challenges. Its Sensor2web solution offers a complete and fully automated turnkey solution for monitoring physical properties like temperature and humidity level aimed at the food, pharmaceutical, facilities and farming sector.

About CRS

CRS Cold Storage rents, leases and sells portable cold storage equipment including Blast Freezers, Refrigeration and Cold Rooms, Ice Machines, Air Conditioning and Hot Box Stores to the UK, EIRE and beyond. CRS isan Rmoni Wirelesspartner in the UK with focus on the food and pharmaceutical markets.


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