Old masters from the 19th century protected by Sensor2Web

Mon. 29 October 2012

From june till september Manifesta, the European Biennial of Contemporary Art was organised inGenk,Belgium. They are mostly young, promising artists who participate in this European biennal. However, there was also older art to admire, such as paintings by old masters from the 19th century.


To protect these master pieces perfect climatic conditions were requested. “Therefore, we developed a cleanroom with overpressure, in which paintings were protected against humidity, dust and temperature fluctuations.”, explains Geert Cardinaels from ABN. “To ensure proper preservation of al these artistic master pieces the exhibition space was monitored by Sensor2Web.” In this way, temperature and humidity could be remotely monitored in real-time.”


About Rmoni Wireless

Rmoni Wireless develops and manufactures hardware and software for wireless registration and monitoring of critical control parameters. The company has chosen a sector-driven approach, using its knowledge of customer needs and sector-related regulations to offer clear-cut solutions for everyday challenges. Its Sensor2web solution offers a complete and fully automated turnkey solution for monitoring physical properties like temperature and humidity level aimed at the food, pharmaceutical, facilities and farming sector.

About ABN, the air management group

ABN, founded in 1996,  operates in the field of designing, building and servicing innovative heating, cooling, energy and cleanroom solutions. 


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