Restaurant of the future adopted innovative temperature monitoring solution sensor2web.

Wed. 11 May 2011

What is the link between ‘quality of life’, ‘the Internet of things’ and ‘cloud computing’ ?  The answer is simple: ‘Sensor2web’. The Restaurant of the Future in Wageningen, a living field-lab exploring innovative technologies for the food sector, has recently trusted its entire temperature monitoring to Sensor2web.

Everyone knows that temperature (besides hygiene) is one of the most critical aspects when talking about food safety. Previous generations of products - such as thermometers and loggers - exist already for years but do not offer a real solution to its users. Too much effort was still needed from the user to organize data collection, data storage, reporting, …
Sensor2web is an internet-based innovative solution to monitor temperature in the food chain takes care of automating the whole registration, monitoring and reporting process.
The adoption of Sensor2web by the ‘Restaurant of the future’ underlines the importance of this innovative technology. This is not a surprise; over the last couple of years Sensor2web has proven its value to key reference customers such as McDonald’s, Panos, Spar, ….
Gullimex, our value added reseller, is a partner of the Restaurant of the Future and uses this unique location to show-case Sensor2web to its customers. Also the feedback from the living lab is valuable for the developers of the system, Rmoni Wireless, who can use these inputs to further enhance the system. The living lab is available for visits and meetings and is an inspiring environment for food safety professionals.
About Rmoni Wireless
Rmoni Wireless develops and manufactures hardware and software for wireless registration and monitoring of critical control parameters. The company has chosen a sector-driven approach, using its knowledge of customer needs and sector-related regulations to offer clear-cut solutions for everyday challenges. Its Sensor2web solution offers a complete and fully automated turnkey solution for monitoring physical properties like temperature and humidity level aimed at the food, pharmaceutical, facilities and farming sector.
About Gullimex
Gullimex is distributor of products for measuring and monitoring temperature, CO2 en hygiene. Gullimex is active for more than 30 years in Benelux with headoffice in the Netherlands and successful sales office inBelgium.
Gullimex is very innovation minded and works closely together with its suppliers to introduce technological solutions meeting the need of its customers.
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