Rmoni launches new generation temperature sensors at Truck & Transport

Mon. 3 January 2011

Rmoni introduces its new generation wireless temperature sensors at “Truck & Transport”, in collaboration with All-Connects.

The RMX2 series of Rmoni Wireless is the comprehensive solution for HACCP-registration, in line with current standards (EN12830). The solution is completely redesigned according to the successful RMZ platform. In this way all interesting features from the RMZ platform are now available for the RMX series as well.

With the robust RMX2 series of Rmoni Wireless you have everything under control during the route from warehouse to warehouse. The RMX2 series from Rmoni Wireless is the comprehensive solution for you HACCP temperature registration.

The improved features are:

  • Completely conform to the EN12830 standard
  • Battery lifetime up to more than 3 years
  • Quicker installation and easy maintenance
  • Suitable for small to large fleets
  • Highest grade waterproof (IP67)
  • Robust design according to automotive standards
  • Comprehensive range of sensors available
  • Can be linked to different telematics systems


About Sensor2web

RMONI Wireless develops and manufactures hardware and software (Sensor2web) for wireless registration and monitoring of critical control parameters. The company has an RMZ series for the food and pharmaceutical industry and a more robust RMX series for the transportation industry.

Sensor2web is a wireless monitoring system for permanent registration and surveillance of critical parameters. Typical applications include the temperature of food products inside cooling units, environmental conditions in pharmaceutical clean-rooms, and the air quality in public buildings.

Sensor2web enables close and comprehensive monitoring of these parameters and a rapid response in the event of deviations. With its unique combination of wireless technology and Web-based software, it also provides a cost-efficient and time-saving alternative to manual measurements.


About All-Connects : integrator of Tracking & Tracing solutions

Since its foundation in 1992, All-Connects is active as an integrator in the world of tracking & tracing solutions and telematics. We apply the open-platform rule and we integrate the services of specialized service providers such RMONI. We select the best suppliers, tailored to the customer and their vehicles.

All-Connects integrates a blackbox with Rmoni’s sensors resulting in a unique solution for anyone active in temperature controlled transportation. Sensor2web meets the needs of both the transport manager, who has access to a fleet management system, and the quality manager, who has access to the reporting tool. A complete solution through a unique collaboration.


More information about the RMX2 series of Rmoni Wireless and the collaboration with All-Connects

Bart Meekers, CEO Rmoni Wireless nv
Maastrichterstraat 311 / 1
3740 Bilzen 
Tel. +32 89 51 50 12


Raf Seeldrayers, Sales Manager All-Connects nv
Petunialaan 44
2950 Kapellen
Tel. + 32 3 289 55 35 or +32 477 977 677 

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