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Sun. 18 March 2012

VWR International bvba will distribute Sensor2Web to laboratories and hospitals. Sensor2Web is an automated registration system for a.o. temperature, pressure, relative humidity, … and enables distant monitoring and alarming via sms or e-mail in the event of deviations.
Especially in response to the Laborama trade show several MONI-kits are launched. These are ready-to-use starter packages for wireless monitoring of laboratory devices via the internet. The packages that will be launched are:
  • ULTRA-MONI for freezers  to – 80 °C
  • CRYO-MONI for monitoring liquid nitrogen
  • INCU-MONI for accurate monitoring of temperature in incubators
  • CO2-MONI for full monitoring of temperature, relative humidity and CO2 in a room or incubator.
These starter packages can easily be extended to monitor a complete laboratory or even a complete hospital via a user-friendly, centralised and web-based system.
For more information you can visit VWR International during Laborama on booth 2-D10+2-D15.
About VWR International:
By the distribution of very diversified product lines to the most important pharmaceutical and biotech companies and to the industry, government and education, VWR contributes worldwide to the progress of crucial research.
At VWR you choose out of a full range of premium products, such as chemicals, furniture, equipment, clothing and supplies from a large group of leading scientific manufacturers. In that way we offer all tools necessary for successful laboratory research.
About Rmoni Wireless:
Rmoni Wireless, founded in 2005, develops and produces hardware and software for wireless registration and monitoring of critical control parameters. Its Sensor2web solution offers a complete and fully automated turnkey solution for distant monitoring of physical properties like temperature and humidity level aimed at the food, pharmaceutical, cleantech and healthcare. Rmoni Wireless has a strong position in Benelux and is – with support of LRM and Allegro Investment Fund - successfully working on its internationalization.
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