Ultra low power IEEE 802.15.4 compliant wireless sensor module

RM090Programmable Radio 
Humidity and Temperature sensors with USB

RM090 is an ultra-low power wireless module for use in sensor networks, monitoring applications and rapid application prototyping. Industry standards like USB and IEEE 802.15.4 are used to interoperate seamlessly with other devices. With the onboard temperature and humidity sensors and the providing of flexible interconnection with peripherals, the RM090 enables a wide range of radio-network applications. The modules are programmable and support TinyOS.


Key Features

  • Based on Texas Instruments’ leading edge 802.15.4 Chipcon wireless transceiver (CC2520) and MSP430 (16k RAM, 256k Flash) technology
  • Industry-leading 250 kps, 2.4 GHz performance in low power conservation and functionality.
  • Interoperability with other 802.15.4 devices
  • Utra Low Power consumption. Ideal for power-restricted or battery-operated applications
  • Integrated boost convertor for Alkaline batteries
  • USB powered, and 9V DC
  • Configurable GPIO, ADC and Timers
  • JTAG and USB/BSL programmable
  • Onboard temperature and humidity sensors
  • TinyOS support : mesh networking
  • Integrated onboard antenna 50m range Indoors/ 125m outdoors

Technical Data

  • Type                           RM090
  • Connectivity                ADC, DIO, Serial, I2C, USB, JTAG
  • Frequency                   2400 – 2483,5 GHz
  • Output Power              Up to +3dBm
  • Range                        50m indoor, 125m outdoors
  • RF Baudrate                250 kbps
  • Memory                      2x64kByte Flash, 2kByte EEPROM
  • Internal Sensors          NTC, SHT21
  • Storage temperature    -40°Cto +80°C
  • Antenna                     Integrated Inverted-F, External connector
  • Power                         9V DC, Battery, USB
  • Approvals                   None

Module Description

The RM090 is a low power module with integrated sensors, radio, antenna, microcontroller, and programming capabilities.

RM090 - module description

Block diagram

RM090 - block diagram

RM090 - Block diagram