Zigbee wireless gateway to ethernet, sensor2web, sensor4lab, RMZ-1215-G10

Sensor2web/Sensor4lab is a high-end wireless monitoring system.

The RMZ system is used for static monitoring and consists of following components:

  • Wireless sensorboxes (Endpoints)
  • Wireless repeaters (Routers)
  • Wireless receivers (Gateways)
  • Web based software (sensor2web) of Server based software (sensor4lab) or a hosted version (

The software offers visualisation, automated reporting and alarming via SMS/email/voice call/flashlight.


The RMZ-1215-G10 is the wireless receiver (Gateway) in the RMZ Zigbee system. At least one Gateway is required, which is installed centrally to receive all wireless measurements from the endpoints and routers.

The Gateway opens an outgoing connection to the sensor2web/sensor4lab server via the LAN Ethernet, and pushes all received measurements towards the server.

When the connection goes down, the Gateway buffers about 6.000 measurements to be retransmitted when the connection is re-established. 


Power: 220V
Frequency: 2,4GHz band
Range: up to 100 meter indoors
W x D x H: 81 x 80 x 55 mm
Weigth: 500 g (including adapter)


Includes 220/12V AC/DC adapter and Ethernet cord (2 meters).
Subscription to sensor2web will be invoiced separately. License for sensor4lab to be ordered separately.

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