Energy monitoring and management to reduce the bill

Want to reduce your energy bill, worried about your carbon footprint? The­­­­­­n Sensor2web offers a complete solution: save time by our automatic measurements, prevent waste by our advanced alerting system, and save mony by monitoring and managing energy.

Sensor 2 web offers a convenient solution to monitor and manage your energy use and production: save on Electricity, Water, Gas, Heat…

Monitor energy production and consumption for households, buildings and industries. Generate convenient Reports and receive Alerts for out-of-spec situations.

Rmoni - energy monitoring


How can we help to reduce the energy bill and carbon footprint?

  • Real-time follow up of your energy consumption, fully automatic via a convenient web interface
  • 24/7 visualisations of the energy consumtion in sensor2web
  • Keep an eye on consumption trends and compare with peer companies


Product offering

Rmoni offers following two products for energy monitoring:

Zigbee pulse metering router Zigbee 1 & 3 - phase energy managing router
  • DIN rail mounting - TS35
  • Direct 220 V powered
  • Inputs
    • energy meter pulse
    • two NTC temperature sensors or dry-contazcts
  • Output
    • 220 V switched drive for contactor
Rmoni - energy router
  • Pre-wired solution
  • IP66 waterproof enclosure
  • Convenient connection via clamps
  • Four versions:
    • 1 phase with/without contactor
    • 3 pahse with/without contactor


Rmoni - energy monitoring

Rmoni - energy monitoring

Parameters measured are: 

  • pulse count 
  • actual: V.A (Watts), m3/h
  • cumulative kWh (Energy), m3
  • temperature, door contact


Application: COP (Coefficient Of Performance) monitoring of cooling equipment

Sensor2Web offers a unique way to monitor the Coefficient Of Performance (COP) of a cooling machine - online and in real time!

All critical parameters are monitored: electricity usage, temperature and pressure before and after compressor, condenser, expansion and evaporator. 

This allows remote diagnostics of a system, and enables preventative maintenance. 

Rmoni - monitor the Coefficient Of Performance (COP)