Monitoring temperatures and more - hospital wide

Worried about your next visitation commission or audit? Struggling with reports and alerts in your Building Management System ? Faced with high cost and  slow response from your technical partner? The­­­­­­n Sensor4lab offers a way forward!

Sensor 4 lab is an all-in-one solution for the hospital: Laboratory, Blood storage, Pharmacy, Kitchen…
Monitoring storage and transport, hot and cold. Reporting and Alerting the environment of your Drugs as well as your Food.

Sensor2Web in Healthcare

Real-time registration and automatic reporting

  • All parameters, one system: T - RH% - Door contact - CO2 - Pressure - Energy
  • Multi level login: superuser/administrator/user/viewer
  • Login and view per department
  • Audit trail on all events and interventions

24/7 monitoring and extensive alerting

  • All alerting functionality: e-mail - SMS - Voice call DECT - flash alarm
  • Cascade alerting with acceptance logging
  • Alarm scheduler
  • Calender based alert recipients