Wireless monitoring of critical parameters

RMONI develops and manufactures hardware and software for wireless registration and monitoring of crucial control parameters. The company offers solutions in three domains: temperature monitoring during transport and storage of food products, monitoring of health and energy related parameters in public buildings, and environmental monitoring for the pharmaceutical industry. The company was established in 2005. 

  • The reference in wireless monitoring systems.
    RMONI has built up a unique level of experience and continues to be a leader in wireless monitoring systems. Check our References for more information.
  • Clear-cut solutions for sector-related issues.
    RMONI has developed customized monitoring solutions for the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and public buildings. We use our knowledge of customer needs and sector-related legislation to provide effective and cost-efficient solutions. Read more about our Solutions.
  • Based on industry standards.
    Our monitoring solutions are all based on international industry standards such as Zigbee. This not only ensures continuity, it also guarantees easy integration into existing systems. Read more about our technological vision.
  • A network of experienced partners.
    Our partnerships with selected distributors, integrators, and resellers ensure easy integration with existing systems and short implementation times. Read more about our partners.
  • International ambitions.
    RMONI is ready for international expansion with the support of its investors. We are currently setting up companies in Spain, Portugal, Germany, Poland, and Scandinavia. This will enable us to undertake projects on a much broader scale for international customers and provide cross-border service and support.