System overview RMONI products

RMONI has developed a complete range of wireless temperature monitoring software and hardware. A system overview is depicted below. 


Wireless sensors

The wireless sensors are easily installed in any type of environment - trucks, labs, production facilities, storage - and allow maximum flexibility to renovate, reorganize, and expand.

  • Fast and easy installation
  • Operational in no time
  • Low set-up costs
  • Rapid ROI
  • Maximum flexibility

Wide range of hardware

Rmoni offers a complete range of hardware to set up wireless systems in any type of environment; from the ultra sensitive clean-rooms in the pharmaceutical industry to the often rough and  tumble circumstances of international transport.

  • Up to four probe inlets per sensorbox, router or gateway
  • Wide range of parameters: temperature, humidity, CO2, pressure, energy et cetera
  • Industrial range of energy monitoring and management

Web-based software

The web-based software not only means data is available anytime, anywhere, from any PC. It also means no worries about application management, back-ups, or software installation. 

  • Centralized application management
  • Secure data backups
  • Automatic updates
  • Easy user management
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)


Web-based software offers big advantages

  • A standard Internet browser is all you need to access your data. This enables you to follow up measurements and consult historical views anytime, anywhere, from any PC.
  • Ready-to-use and configurable reports provide regulatory authorities, customers, or internal auditors with all of the information they may require.
  • Alerts via SMS and/or email enable you or any of your collaborators to act immediately when pre-defined threshold values have been exceeded.


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