Hardware for transport

Trucks, trailers and lorries are a challenging environment for electronics. Rmoni has developed the robust RMX series for these harsh applications. The reliable IEEE 802.15.4 radio protocol ensures full control over the radio links. All devices have logging memory to ensure full temperature recording and data availability as requested per EN12830.


Monitoring trucks on-site

The LogBase connects to the wireless transport sensors when the trucks are on-site. This offers e.g. real-time monitoring of the temperatures in loaded reefers while the on-board computers are switched off. It also offers an upload path to sensor2web for the recorded measurement data when the LogMitters are used as wireless loggers.


Temperature logging with automatic wireless readout

The LogMitter is a unique combination of a temperature logger and wireless transmitter. So no more hassle with time-consuming manual readout of your loggers! 
The LogMitters are waterproof grade IP67, and come in two versions: dual or quad input for temperature and door contacts.

LogPass (optional)

Temperatures for the driver and dispatcher

When on-board computers are installed, the LogPass links the information from the LogMitters. This offers visibility of the door and temperature status to the driver and to the dispatcher via the on-board telematics platform.

 Rmoni wireless - overview RMW hardware



  • Full turnkey product
  • Realtime data
  • For temperature and location
  • Delivered and supported by Rmoni
  • Can use wireless or wired sensors
  • Can be delivered IP67 for trailer use
Rmoni Wireless - RMX LogTrack


    • Connect datalogger with on board computer
    • No cable needed between trailer and truck
    • Intelligent pairing algorithm
    • Serial interface enables easy communication
      Rmoni Wireless - RMX LogLink