Hardware for storage 

The RMZ series of products is developed with ease-of-installation and -use in mind: the Zigbee based wireless sensors are easy to deploy, and are fully interoperable with other 2,4 GHz based systems such as WiFi and Bluetooth. High output power and high receiver sensitivity ensure typical transmission distances of up to 100 meters indoors.

Rmoni - hardware Sensor2Web

Sensor Endpoints

Wide range of sensor boxes available:

  • Basic sensors for everyday purposes. 
  • High-end sensors with up to four inlets for temperature, CO2, humidity, etc. 
  • All sensors are robust and waterproof.   


Wide range of probes for different applications:

  • temperature
  • humidity
  • CO2
  • pressure
  • energy usage, etc.



Full range of 'bridges' between the wireless Zigbee network, and the internet.
  • Ethernet and Wifi LAN gateway
  • GPRS standalone gateway

Indoor and outdoor versions available. The Gateways have up to four inlets for temperature probes.



Easily integrated to extend the range of the Zigbee network.

Routers also have four inlets for temperature, humidity, CO2 etc probes. This allows for a very economical infrastructure, as well als battery-less installations.