The reference in wireless monitoring systems

RMONI has built up considerable experience over the years. Our wireless monitoring systems have been selected by hundreds of companies and public institutions - national and international. Our continuously expanding list of clients speaks for itself.

These are some of the companies that have selected RMONI wireless monitoring systems:


JAVA coffee-food-services: Food safety guaranteed from warehouse to customer premises

 JAVA has always felt very strongly about food safety. The RMONI wireless monitoring system now enables JAVA to back up its claims and provide clients with detailed information about the conditions under which food products have been stored and transported.

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BELLEWAERDE Park: Food quality with a 'smiley'

Sensor-to-Web to monitors the cold chain throughout the family park, from the central stock to all twelve restaurants and snackbars. This way, Bellewaerde park prooves to its visitors and to the authorities that it is worth a 'smiley for foodsafety'.

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BAKKER Internatioonal Cooling Transport

Wireless sensors are installed in all refrigerated compartments of (semi-)trailers and rigid trucks. The on-board computer from Punch Telematix has an intuitive touch screen which displays the temperatures received via a wireless receiver. 

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Excessive temperatures often lead to expensive equipment failure. Detecting this situation at an early stage is most often sufficient to prevent such a breakdowns as well as the costs that come with them. 

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Spring and fall frosts are a major concern for fruit growers. Even experienced farmers have hard times to manage this condition. It gets even more complicated when the parcels are scattered over an enormous valley on various altitudes. A well-considered temperature monitoring network is more than welcome.

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SparRMONI wireless monitoring technology enables SPAR store owners to comply with food safety legislation in a cost-efficient and time-saving manner. Instead of having to perform manual measurements, the system continuously tracks the temperature inside all cold storage units throughout the supermarket. 

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Ter Beke-Pluma has recently installed Tempweb by Rmoni temperature monitoring systems in its quality control lab in Wommelgem and its production facilities in Herstal. “The system saves us a lot of time that used to be wasted on performing manual measurements and reading out data from loggers,” says Pieter Van Bruaene, quality manager at Ter Beke-Pluma. “The precision of the data also considerably enhances the credibility of our quality claims to regulatory agencies, clients, and consumers.” 

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