Bakker International Cooling Transport, a forerunner in quality assurance

To deserve and keep the confidence of a consignor, quality must be on the agenda every single day. This is especially true when you are transporting valuable and perishable goods that require a specific temperature at all times.

Wireless to the web

Bakker InternationalWireless sensors are installed in all refrigerated compartments of (semi-)trailers and rigid trucks. The on-board computer from Punch Telematix has an intuitive touch screen which displays the temperatures received via a wireless receiver. All temperatures are also transmitted to the Fleetworx website, and forwarded to Rmoni’s hosted server. Sensor2web offers an easy-to-use application which is consulted via a standard webbrowser. Actual and historical temperatures are displayed, reports can be created and alarm limits are set to trigger SMS and email alerts.

About Bakker International

Bakker International Cooling Transport is a medium-large transport company in Bovenkarspel, Netherlands. With a highly motivated team of people, Bakker International has become the standard in transport of several cooled goods. Being able to guarantee and document the freshness and quality in a transparent way is a serious advantage. Moreover, there are legal obligations to ensure food safety, and retailers are ever more demanding to receive proof of proper handling during transport. Bakker International can assure you this.