Food quality with a smiley at Bellewaerde Park 

Food safety is a concern for everyone who are involved in the HoReCa business (Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes). The Belgian Food Safety Institute has introduced a distinguished quality label for restaurants which follow high standards on food quality. Thanks to the quality label, Bellewaerde park has the ambition to be the first family park with an innovative system to assure the customers high quality food standards. Sensors to web…to erp Wireless sensors are installed in all fridges, freezers and display cooling units of the various restaurants. Via the local network and internet connection, all temperature data is gathered on a server hosted by Rmoni wireless. All data is securely stored with backup during 2 years. The quality manager can easily access the measurement data via, using his secured username and password. Temperatures can be consulted online, reports can be printed for HACCP regulation and temperature alarms are administered thanks to this central webbased portal. When a freezer door is not properly closed during the day or a refrigerator goes down during the night, the relevant person is warned via SMS and email. About Bellewaerde Park Bellewaerde Park opened in 1954 and is still one of the most attractive parcs in Belgium. Originally an ornithological park, the park is now packed with lots of attractions. The park stands for quality and pleasure and exists already 55 years! The Food & Beverages outlets work according to the highest standards. Bellewaerde has selected sensor2web to obtain the first HACCP 'Food For Safety' Smiley, a unique certificate which guarantees safe and fresh food.