Monitoring food safety throughout the cold chain

Food safety has become a primary issue for the entire food industry; from manufacturers to retailers, from small restaurants to global fast-food chains. Ever-more stringent legislation and increasing demands from customers make constant monitoring and full traceability essential. Our Cold Chain management solutions cover both Storage and Transport.

Permanent and easy temperature monitoring

RMONI offers Wireless Temperature sensors that allow Remote Temperature monitoring to trace whether food products are manufactured, stored, and transported at the correct temperature at all times:

  • Continuous measurement. Wireless sensors measure the temperature in each environment where the food is processed or handled — during manufacturing, in cold storage, inside trucks, or even during preparation.
  • Online follow-up. All temperature data is sent to our central server and can be accessed instantly via the Internet. Anytime, anywhere, from any type of PC. All you need is a login name and password.
  • Enables action before it’s too late. Warnings via SMS or email provide notification whenever the temperature deviates from preset parameters. This enables swift action in the event of problems such as malfunctioning of refrigerators or incidents during transport.
  • Trace each and every item. All temperature data is logged, and reports for each batch and each transport activity are easily generated. All this information is immediately available for inspections and audits.

Customized solutions for the food industry

  • Complies with international standards and food safety legislation including HACCP, BRS, IFS, GMP, and ISO.
  • Easy integration into existing systems: ERP and supply chain management software, on-board computers in trucks, et cetera.
  • Easy online configuration: parameters are easily defined and adapted for any type of food and circumstance.
  • Implemented by experienced partners in the food industry. Check our partners corner for more information.