Controlling health risks and energy efficiency in public buildings

Facility managers of public buildings are faced with ever more stringent legislation that require Indoor Air Quality Testing,  in order to minimize health risks such as legionella and toxic gases. Energy efficiency has become an equally important issue, due to increasing prices and environmental awareness. Fully automated monitoring systems enable compliance with new legislation in an easy and cost-efficient manner and help to cut energy costs.

Permanent monitoring of critical parameters

RMONI provides facility managers with Temperature and Humidity sensors and CO2 monitoring, specifically designed to control crucial parameters within public buildings:

  • Water. Legionella prevention through remote temperature monitoring of water taps, showers, and other sanitary installations.
  • Energy. Permanent measuring of energy consumption for reefer and HVAC systems, lighting, and other electrical installations.
  • Climate. Safeguarding air quality by remote measurement of CO2 levels, ventilation management and control, carbon monoxide detection and alarming.
  • Effective, easy, and cost-efficient

Permanent monitoring - in an easy and cost-effective manner.

Carrying out measurements manually is a labor-intensive and time-consuming activity. Using sensors throughout the building allows permanent monitoring of crucial parameters in an easy and cost-efficient manner. Fully automated, and always correct.

Act before it's too late - not after the fact.

Periodical measurements can only provide information after the fact, when health risks and energy waste have already occurred. Our systems alert you instantly of any deviations via SMS or email, enabling immediate action.

Wireless means easy to install - no drilling, no hassle.

Our wireless monitoring systems are easy to install and provide maximum flexibility. No cables are needed, minimizing the impact on your infrastructure. The systems are also easily adapted in case of renovation, expansion, or reorganization of buildings.

Online follow-up - all data available anytime, anywhere.

All data is sent to a central server and can be accessed via the Internet. Anytime, anywhere, from any type of PC. All you need is a login source and password. Reports are easily generated and all information is available for inspections and audits.

Customized solutions for public buildings

Clear-cut solutions for health issues in public buildings, such as legionella prevention and carbon monoxide detection.

  • Ready-to-use reports for inspections and audits of public buildings.
  • Easy integration into a wide variety of management systems for public buildings.
  • Implemented by experienced partners. Check our partners corner for more information.