Environmental monitoring in labs and pharmacy

Pharmaceutical products must be handled and transported under strictly controlled environmental conditions. Even the slightest increase in temperature while handling the products can lead to deterioration, invalid results and considerable losses in revenue. This makes permanent monitoring of these critical parameters essential.

RMONI offers an environmental monitoring system specifically designed for the pharmaceutical industry. It not only helps to prevent contamination in clean-rooms and labs, it also provides certainty about the exact circumstances under which products or samples have been stored, handled or transported. 

  • Environmental monitoring in warehouses, clean-rooms and labs. Wireless sensors register critical parameters during manufacturing, including temperature, humidity, overpressure, and underpressure.
  • Register the exact circumstances of transport. Sensors in trucks and cooling boxes ensure that samples and products are transported under the correct circumstances at all times.
  • Act before it's too late. Alerts via SMS and email enable to act immediately when pre-set parameters have been exceeded. 

Customized solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

  • Complies with FDA 21 chapter 11 and can be IQ/OQ validated. RMONI's sensor4lab Environmental Monitoring System can be validated for use in the pharmaceutical  industry. Data is registered and logged according to the highest industry standards, ensuring integrity, security, and traceability.
  • Easy integration into existing lab software. Our Sensor4Lab software was specifically developed for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.
  • Implemented by partners experienced in the pharmaceutical industry. Check our partners corner for more information.