UMC Utrecht: Creating temperature registration uniformity and peace of mind

Rmoni helps UMC Utrecht create temperature registration uniformity and a clear procedural method within the Laboratories and Pharmacy division.

24 / 7 insight into temperatures

Immediate response to deviations

Compliant with all medical regulations

Universitair Medisch Centrum (UMC) Utrecht is the academic hospital associated with Utrecht University. It was established in 1999 by the merging of a number of different medical institutions, and now offers over 1,000 beds and has 12,000 employees.
Healthcare & Pharma

UMC Utrecht: an exceptional institution

UMC Utrecht is a public institution with the following core responsibilities: patient care, research and education.

UMC Utrecht is tasked with offering state of the art care, where exceptional knowledge and expertise is a requirement, but also to perform scientific research from bench to bedside and to offer students, (bio)medical researchers, doctors, and other medical professionals an exceptional education.

Working with biological samples sets high demands and requires continuous monitoring.

Working with sensitive patient material

The Central Biobank in UMC Utrecht was established to collect human biological samples intended for future scientific research. If necessary, to be manipulated, stored in a controlled environment, managed and subsequently redistributed for specific medical scientific research.

This patient material is usually stored in -80°C freezers or in nitrogen vessels with a temperature of around -180°C. Continuous monitoring and safeguarding of temperatures is an absolute requirement from a quality management point of view, so that deviations or malfunctions can be acted upon immediately.

Rmoni now monitors and safeguards temperatures

UMC Utrecht chose Rmoni to monitor and safeguard temperatures. Next to these tasks, the system can also provide insight into historical temperature data over time through its extensive reporting feature.

This can answer questions about deviations like, what was the lowest or highest temperature during this given time period? Or how long did the deviation last? Did it occur suddenly, or gradually? Rmoni’s digital quality management system provides answers to all these questions.

Temperature registration uniformity

Within the Laboratories and Pharmacy division, many departments have started using Rmoni. This helps create temperature registration uniformity and a clear procedural method within the division.

“Rmoni gives us peace of mind. We now know exactly how temperature acts in our freezers and nitrogen vessels, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Besides, with Rmoni we meet all the demands of current healthcare regulation. As an academic hospital, we set the bar high and this requires quite some effort from Rmoni too. We’re also continuously working with the Rmoni team to keep improving our quality management workflows.” 

Fokke Terpstra, Manager Biobank, UMC Utrecht

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Here's how UMC Utrecht created temperature registration uniformity with Rmoni


UMC Utrecht works with extremely sensitive biological samples


This also requires continuous temperature monitoring


With Rmoni, temperature registration is now completely uniform

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