Internet of Things (Iot)

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the potential for otherwise “analog” devices or tools to turn into digital objects which can gather data from their surroundings and connect with one another via the internet.

Technically speaking, smart TVs, smart lighting and even smartphones are part of the IoT “network” and are perhaps the most recognisable applications, but these are only a fraction of what’s possible.

Consider how self-driving cars will one day communicatie with each other, the traffic lights, and perhaps also with the digital speed limit signs along the highway to make commuting as efficient as possible.

Why is IoT important in manufacturing?

Because manufacturing requires lots of monitoring and quality control in order to maintain and improve operational performance, IoT has a lot of use cases for manufacturers.

IoT gives manufacturers the ability to gain clarity on all their operations, by providing before unseen data and connectivity between separated systems.

Why is IoT important in food manufacturing and safety?

A food manufacturer might connect a humidity data logger together with a temperature data logger and the airconditioning systems, while gathering data about the weather and the productive output at the same time.

You might imagine how this would allow them to spot chances for corrective actions or optimisations to save energy costs and improve manufacturing conditions.

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