Albron: Managing food quality and safety at over 700 locations

Rmoni contributes to guaranteeing sustainability and environmental, workplace and food safety at Albron.

Quality management at over 700 locations

All data digitally accessible in one place

Employees rate Rmoni with an 8 out of 10

Albron provides catering and food concept development services to the corporate, education, and healthcare sectors.
Food Service & Retail

Allround food service in the Netherlands by Albron

Albron is the largest allround food service company in the Netherlands. Albron operates throughout the entire country, facilitating, amongst others, Center Parcs, AH to go, Coffeecompany, Anne&Max and several company restaurants. 

Those places where people study, work, commute, shop, spend leisure time or receive care are the places where Albron provides guests with delicious, healthy, sustainable and affordable food and drinks. The collaboration between Albron and Rmoni contributes to the guarantee of (food) safety and to process optimization.

Safety in the broadest possible sense of the term

At Albron, safety doesn’t only mean safe foods, it also means the safety and health of Albron’s employees, their clients, and others making use of their services. 

Quality Management Consultant, Merèl Gulitz: “We’re constantly mindful of identifying risks. We analyze incidents and take corrective and preventive measures. For us, inspections are a great means of improvement. Digital HACCP platform, Rmoni, is a wonderful addition to our inspections.”

Operations Manager, Ruud Homan: “Rmoni gives us the opportunity to adjust immediately. In addition, it offers the possibility to make trend analyses at various levels. This gives us fast and actionable insights into which areas are performing better and which need improvement. We can then quickly adjust, operationally, according to these findings.”

Work both smarter and more easily

Since 2020, the catering world has changed radically and it will remain doing so in the coming years. Albron wants to set a new course in this rapidly changing reality. The company has the ambition to serve 250,000 guests delicious, healthy, sustainable and affordable food and drink by 2025. 

Chantal Wissen, Quality Manager: “Rmoni is an innovation and solution that’s made our work smarter and easier. During the selection process, we mainly looked at the ease of use of each potential solution. Rmoni is tailor-made for each location, meaning only the monitoring points for that location are included (think of monitoring points like reception, preparation, cooling processes, storage of cooled products, etc.). Our colleagues from the service office in De Meern and operational management can watch along, digitally, at more than 700 locations throughout the Netherlands.”

“In the meantime, we can add extra things ourselves, for example in the event of a calamity. Also nice: previously the data was only available on paper at the location itself. Now we can access all this information digitally in one central place. In the event of a potential incident, we have immediate access to all necessary data. An additional advantage is that we no longer need paper manuals. This is also great news for the environment!'”

Smooth Rmoni implementation

For Rmoni’s implementation, Albron added and processed around 700 internal inventory and equipment lists for all their separate locations.

Merèl Gulitz: “We then trained employees to work with the ‘Meet & Weet’ (‘Measure & Know’) app. It’s what we call the Rmoni app internally. We recently conducted a survey among employees and the app got an 8 out of 10. Yes, the implementation went really smoothly. We are extremely proud of our employees.”

Guaranteeing sustainability and environmental, workplace and food safety

Albron doesn’t just use Rmoni for food safety monitoring. The app is also part of safeguarding working conditions, sustainability and environmental safety.  

Chantal van Wissen: “The data gives us clear insight into which we can improve processes. In this way, it helps us complete the circular process of ‘Plan’, ‘Do’, ‘Check’ and ‘Act’. In the future, it will also play a role in external inspections. Rmoni is part of the development we're going through as an organisation. Rmoni is a very pleasant partner, and we’re working with them on expanding the existing tool. We complement each other perfectly.” 

“Rmoni contributes to our development as an organisation” - Chantal van Wissen, Quality Manager, Albron

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Here’s how Rmoni helped Albron set up quality management at over 700 locations


Albron added and processed 700 internal inventory and equipment lists


They trained all employees, who now rate the Rmoni app an 8 out of 10


All quality management processes are centrally and digitally accessible

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