Zorggroep Drenthe: ISO 22000-compliant food safety

Zorggroep Drenthe finds Rmoni extremely user-friendly, easily customizable to personal demands and they installed it in no time.

Incredibly easy installation and implementation

Completely customizable registration system

Compliant with ISO 22000

Zorggroep Drenthe offers care home care, nursing home care, 24-hour care at home and they rent out care apartments. Their locations can be found in north and central Drenthe.
Food Service & Retail

Food safety at residential care homes

Zorggroep (Care Group) Drenthe is a cluster of seven residential/care homes in Drenthe, the Netherlands. In six of these homes, you’ll find mainly elderly people who require (intensive) care. The newest, seventh location is Messchenstaete, a residential complex that includes a ‘care hotel’. 

Additionally, Zorggroep Drenthe offers community care and other services that allow elderly people to live at home as long as possible. Seven locations also means seven kitchens, including seven instances of having to register and monitor food safety. Which is why Zorggroep Drenthe decided to switch to Rmoni. 

From HACCP to ISO 22000

Niels Marree is Team Lead Food Safety responsible for all seven kitchens. He oversees all food safety matters required for ISO 22000 certification. This certificate is the successor to the HACCP certificate, which will no longer be issued as of 2022. 

Niels: “We were issued the ISO 22000 certification, but we did run into the issue of monitoring the temperature in our cold storages. We monitored this temperature - according to legislation - once a week, but this is actually not enough, and then there’s all the paperwork…” 

“We discovered Rmoni has a single digital platform for these kinds of things, which is how we ended up at Rmoni. Rmoni comes with all kinds of checklists for all the legal requirements that need to be met, regarding things like cleaning and temperature monitoring. We added location-specific elements and ISO 22000 factors to this, ourselves.”

Ease of installation

Originally a chef by trade, Niels had no problems with Rmoni’s installation and implementation. “For the initial location a technician from Rmoni implementation partner, Gullimex, came to install loggers in our cold storage refrigerators. These loggers are connected to a gateway which sends measurement data from the sensors to our platform via the internet.” 

“Placing the loggers themselves is super easy. The only requirement is a good network connection. It’s simply a matter of connecting the boxes to a power source, activating the loggers with a magnet (they’re turned on in sleep mode) and putting them up.

The loggers record the temperature every five minutes, which we can check online. You can also see this data per day, week, or month. And we can choose at which temperature deviation we get a notification, and to whom this is sent.” 

Customizable registration

“The fact that you can customize the cleaning and temperature lists turned out to be very convenient. As a result, the new digital forms were very similar to what we were already using. Every employee logs in to the iPad via their own login. This brings them to their lists and the associated questions to be answered with ‘yes/no’.” 

“If they fill in a ‘no’, they’ll have to provide an explanation. We also work with one of Gullimex’s bluetooth thermometers. These upload the temperature straight to the system. Because of having to log in, it’s not necessarily easier, but it is a lot more accurate. Employees are very enthusiastic.”

“They also receive immediate feedback like ‘you forgot to measure yesterday’. And you can check who performed which measurement. If something goes wrong, you know exactly who needs additional instructions.”

Rmoni: highly recommended

“I would definitely recommend this system to other healthcare institutions. My advice is: do really take the time needed for implementation. Implementing is more than just setting up the system. For example, if you have a lot of part-timers, you have a lot of people who don't work with the system on a daily basis. They need more time.

On the other hand, even people who aren’t necessarily digitally skilled can handle it with ease. Some employees initially said things like: 'I already have difficulty operating my mobile phone. Is this really necessary?' But after the explanation, you notice that anyone can use Rmoni. That's great about it, that it's so user-friendly.”

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Here’s how Zorggroep Drenthe became ISO 22000 certified with Rmoni


Zorggroep Drente needed to monitor food safety at 7 residential care homes


They decided to implement Rmoni to manage food safety at all locations


Employees are very enthusiastic, and Zorggroep Drenthe is ISO 22000 certified

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