Van Der Valk: Moving from manual registration to digital convenience

Van der Valk Zwolle, Enschede and Hengelo switched to digital HACCP registration, in accordance with the HACCP guidelines. This saved them quite a bit of paperwork.

No more manual paperwork

Automatic deviation alerts

Reporting fully automated

Van der Valk is a Dutch international hospitality chain run by the Van der Valk family. It is the largest Dutch hospitality chain.
Food Service & Retail

Hotel chain with over 100 hotels and restaurants

Hotel chain Van der Valk has more than 100 hotels and restaurants worldwide. About 200 employees work at Van der Valk in Zwolle. One of them is sous chef Richard Sloos.

In addition to his work in the kitchen, he oversees the implementation of HACCP guidelines for the Zwolle, Enschede and Hengelo locations. Recently, together with Rmoni's implementation partner Gullimex, Richard digitized the registration activities for HACCP with Rmoni.

Digitizing HACCP management with Rmoni

Rmoni is an online platform for digital registrations required according to the HACCP guidelines. These are things like the temperature registration of refrigerators and registering temperature lists and cleaning lists.

Richard Sloos easily set up these registration lists himself via Rmoni’s 'drag-and-drop' functionality and scheduled all necessary measurements. 

The planning and the exact data that needs to be registered now appears in the smartphones of each responsible individual in their Rmoni apps. Because the registrations are immediately recorded online, Richard Sloos can check at any time whether a measurement has been made and, if so, whether there are any significant deviations.

Application of new measuring instruments

Before, staff were still wasting a lot of time manually noting the kitchen temperature on physical forms. In such an environment, however, these forms can easily get stained and where temperature registration might be forgotten every so often due to human error, this wasn’t necessarily nor immediately noticed.

Van der Valk now uses bluetooth thermometers to improve this process. These handheld thermometers upload the measured temperature directly to the Rmoni app via bluetooth. Nothing needs to be noted manually, which saves both storage space and time.

Installing automatic temperature sensors

Rmoni also installed automatic temperature sensors in Van Der Valk's kitchens. These sensors can be found in refrigerators and freezers, among other places.

This means cooks no longer have to monitor the temperature themselves. If the temperature rises or falls too much, they will receive an automatic notification. This notification is sent to their smartphone, tablet or computer in the form of a text message or e-mail.

Because the system reacts immediately to significant changes, it prevents waste and loss of time. This leads to increased convenience and a better guarantee of the quality of the food and drinks.

Rmoni also automatically generates reports, as often as necessary. These reports provide quick insights into any changes in expected patterns. For example, when freezer temperatures exhibit abnormal behavior during defrosting. By having a mechanic look at this in time, defects are repaired before there a serious malfunction can occur.

Continuous insights into all food safety data

For Richard Sloos, the positive effects of digitization are crystal clear. “Basically, I can check the situation whenever I have access to the internet. This means I can monitor the HACCP requirements for three locations at the same time with absolute ease. And if a deviation is found in one of the cooling systems, it’s convenient I can also check in the evening whether this has been rectified or whether we still need to take action. Moreover, we are now completely rid of all that time-consuming paperwork.”

“Rmoni gives you the perfect overview. I plan everything once and everyone knows exactly what needs to be measured and when. In addition, all data is immediately properly and securely registered online. If there are deviations, I can immediately see that and make targeted and quick adjustments.”

Richard Sloos, HACCP Manager

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How Van Der Valk hotels moved from manual registration to online convenience


Van Der Valk hotels were stuck with manual food safety paperwork


They decided to implement Rmoni’s automated DQM solution


The HACCP team now has the perfect overview of all food safety data

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