Digital Quality Control

With digital quality control you are performing quality control checks on your processes and products, using a digital solution rather than paper checklists and forms.

In this way, data is easily entered and gathered, safely stored and can be shared widely, quickly. This all results in time saved, human error prevented and greater effectiveness of your quality management system.

This makes digital quality control a very efficient and effective way of performing your quality control procedures.

What are the three stages of quality control?

When performing digital quality control checks, we distinguish between there three stages of production:

  1. Pre-production - Similarly to the principles behind a root cause analysis, it’s always good to start at the beginning of any production process, as this area will inevitably impact anything that occurs later on in your processes.
  2. In-production - This is where all your critical control points (CCPs) are assessed for performance and usually there is room for solving issues that occur here before your products are finished.
  3. Post-production -This is the last chance to interveine and find any quality issues, before it is time to ship to the buyer or end-consumer.

The quality control checks during any stage may involve measuring heat, humidity, weight, colour, size, shape, smell, taste and so on.

All of the data from these measurements will need to be documented and stored and any issues reported, which can be done using paper documents or a digital solution.

Ready to make your quality control more cost- and time-efficient?