International Featured Standard (IFS) for Food

The International Featured Standard for Food (IFS Food) is a globally recognised certification standard used to audit companies producing or packaging food products. Its focus is on safety as well as on the quality of processes and of the food products themselves.

Whenever ingredients or food is processed or when there are hazards within the packing process, IFS Food applies and companies are then expected to have a HACCP plan in place and to have a quality management system.

IFS Food has been created by the HDE, a German branche for food manufacturers, and both France and Italy have fully bought in to this standard, making it the dominant standard in Europe.

The standard is largely based on the British BRC’s Global Food Standard and as such they are both virtually identical in their global acceptance.

What are IFS Food knock-out criteria?

IFS Food works with four knock-out criteria, which are all essential for becoming certified:

  1. Complete control of Critical Control Points (CCPs)
  2. Involvement of both management and employees
  3. Traceability of products, raw materials and packaging materials
  4. Execution of corrective actions

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