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24/7 and punctual monitoring of critical parameters

Sensor2Web is a wireless monitoring system for permanent and regular registration and surveillance of critical parameters. Typical applications include the temperature of food products inside cooling units, environmental conditions in pharmaceutical clean-rooms, and the air quality in public buildings. 

Sensor2Web enables close and comprehensive monitoring of these parameters and a rapid response in the event of deviations. With its unique combination of wireless technology and web-based software, it also provides a cost-efficient and time-saving alternative to manual measurements. 


How it works 

Sensor2Web in a nutshell - measure permanently Sensor2Web in a nutshell - access data via internet Sensor2Web in a nutshell - report to authorities, customers and auditors Sensor2Web in a nutshell - receive alerts and act immediately

Measure and register permanently or regularly

Access your data via the internet

Report to authorities, customers, and auditors

Receive alerts and act immediately

Wireless sensors carry out permanent and accurate measurements of your critical parameters. The TempMitters offers punctual spot measurements. All data are carefully and securely registered in a centralized datacenter.

A standard internet browser is all you need to access your data. This enables you to follow up measurements and consult historical views anytime, anywhere, from any PC.

Ready-to-use and configurable reports provide regulatory authorities, customers, or internal auditors with all of the information they may require.

Alerts via SMS and/or email enable you or any of your collaborators to act immediately when pre-defined threshold values have been exceeded. 


Sensor2Web in a nutshell

  • 24/7 monitoring of temperature, humidity, CO2-levels, over pressure, under pressure, power usage, ...
  • Punctual product temperature measurements via handheld TempMitter - NEW!
  • A cost-efficient and time-saving alternative to manual measurements. 
  • Ready-to-use reports for regulatory authorities and internal audits. 
  • Automated notifying in case of deviations.


An answer to your everyday challenges

Sensor2Web enables you to monitor the exact parameters which are essential to your business. It helps guarantee safety, increase cost-efficiency, ant attain compliance with sector-related regulations and requirements. 


Guaranteeing food safety throughout the cold chain.   Preventing contamination during manufacturing and transport.   Monitoring and managing of energy use (electricity, water, gas)   All-in solution for the hospital: laboratory, blood storage, pharmacy, kitchen, ...