IKEA Delft: Increased accuracy, ease of use, and better access to information

By implementing Rmoni’s DQM, IKEA Delft now manages their entire HACCP plan in one central portal, saving countless hours of manual work.

Quality process fully automated

Saving countless hours of manual work

Increased ease of use and accuracy

IKEA is a Swedish-founded, Dutch-headquartered multinational conglomerate that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances and home accessories, among other goods and home services.
Food Service & Retail

IKEA Delft's food safety norms

IKEA has been around for more than 60 years and has 13 branches in the Netherlands alone. All locations are equipped with a restaurant where customers can enjoy a good breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a cup of coffee and tea, biscuits included. 

Next to that, their bistro offers a variety of snacks while in its Swedish Food Market, IKEA FOOD also sells products consumers can take home. And then there are the canteens for IKEA’s staff.

At all four locations (restaurant, bistro, Swedish Food Market, staff canteens), food is subject to strict IKEA and HACCP norms in order to guarantee food safety.

Time-intensive and inefficient manual monitoring

IKEA Delft used to monitor all temperature parameters manually. This was very time-intensive and inefficient. Monitored data needed to be collected and analysed on a weekly basis, meaning management could only get insights into weekly performance after the fact. 

A new measurement system was needed to create better accuracy, ease of use, and give management direct access to information.  

Automatic monitoring and registration with Rmoni

IKEA Delft decided to implement Rmoni's solutions to solve the issue of its manual quality management process. With the data IKEA gets from Rmoni, they can efficiently guarantee the quality of the food products they offer their clients and personnel. 

Thanks to automatic monitoring and registration of crucial control parameters, human error has been eliminated. Additionally, management now possesses a much better dataset: there is a digital archive, data can be accessed remotely, and the system automatically generates clear reports and insightful dashboards.  

Temperature monitoring setup and automated processes 

Rmoni continuously monitors the temperature of all cooling, refrigeration, and heating appliances at the IKEA departments. When temperatures rise too high or drop too low, the temperature monitoring sensors automatically sends out an email and/or a SMS notification. IKEA can adjust alarm settings according to their needs.  

With Rmoni’s digital thermometers and checklists, IKEA now monitors and registers the temperature of each product in the restaurant and bistro twice a day. 

For every temperature deviation, employees need to indicate which corrective action they will take to restore the appropriate temperatures. 

Additionally, Rmoni makes it possible to document a visual inspection of packaging, the product itself, or the ‘best before date’.

“Rmoni saved us a lot of time, brought us a lot of ease of use and increased accuracy significantly. Through one central online portal, we can manage our entire HACCP plan. Thanks to automation, we have both more insight and oversight of quality processes. Overall, we’re very pleased with Rmoni’s solutions.” 

Judith van Lier, Food Safety Specialist, Inter IKEA Systems

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Here’s how IKEA started using Rmoni, saving countless hours of manual work and drastically improving accuracy


IKEA's manual temperature monitoring was very time-intensive


They decided to automate quality management with Rmoni


Digital quality management improved accuracy drastically

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